• Promote and oversee the standards of governance within the Executive Board and VICSESVA.
  • Lead the Executive Board in discussions on all proposals put forward by the Board of Directors.
  • Provide public representation on behalf VICSESVA.
  • Liaise directly with VICSES Chief Executive Officer & Board on urgent matters.


  • Ensure Volunteers are kept informed in a timely and efficient manner of relevant issues or pressing news.
  • Responsibility for meeting announcements, agendas and minutes.
  • Oversee and action VICSESVA correspondence.


  • Oversee and manage finances of VICSESVA.
  • Comply with all government taxation and audit requirements.

Board Members

  • To uphold the values, ideals and objectives of VICSES Volunteers.
  • Provide unbiased, apolitical advice and guidance to the Board.
  • Utilise personal expertise in relevant matters.
  • Ensure the viability of VICSESVA.
  • To uphold the values and objectives of VICSESVA.
  • To devote adequate time and energy to the duties of being a VICSESVA Executive.
  • To act with integrity and avoid, or declare, personal conflicts of interest.
  • To observe the team behaviours adapted from the SES values and behaviours (below)

Executive behaviours adapted from SES values and behaviours

  • Ability to build cooperative relationships within the team, and with other teams at VICSES
  • Actively listens to others and seeks to understand the other’s point of view
  • Gives and receives constructive feedback
  • Demonstrates respect for people and their roles both within own team and other teams
  • Meets issues and disagreements in a positive and constructive manner
  • Contributes positively to the team effort
  • Takes responsibility for own actions, does not blame others
  • Maintains confidentiality, is tactful
  • Positively represents the interests of own team to others